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Apartment Tunisia


Sporty activity also brings to the rest-searching a mixture of fun, curiosity, cultural interest, switching off, to itself go, to harmonising with natur and everyday occurrence. We are happy to assist you with relevant details.


Explore the sourroundings on bike


Let‘s start either early in the morning before the sun is not at full strength or later in the afternoon...

... in the inland or along the sea shores, passing small farms, sandy paths, rows of blooming cactus, fragrant olive-, fig and almond trees, quite beaches...


One, two also several breaks insert, around the scenery and to enjoy the many small natural places of interest. 


Bike for hire including

Please enquire early before departure time!



Vespa tour


Over small, partially bitumised roads, along the coast line, up and down hills, passig small, romatic villages with their typical daily markets, cafes...

getting to know another cultures.


Vespa for hire including

Please enquire early before departure time!


Diving and snorkeling


There is always a first time as well as every dive adventure.Step by step, together with our professionals, let‘s conquer the water underworld.

Our local friend, expert Nejmeddine Daldoul and his team are happy to assist und guide you:





Ideal spots for hobby fisherman is the area around the lighthouse tower - at one side the fine sandy beach that changes slowly into a rocky terrain. Best conditions for the under water world.


Sport-semi profis:


Fishing equipments including

Please enquire early before departure time!


Other activities


All kinds of surfing, paragliding, quad riding, golf and minigolf, bowling, horse riding, car rentals, city excursions, geocaching and many more.


HESCHMIR, our trusty friend, your local tunesian contact person, will provide and assist you.

His english, french, italian, german is perfect, he is ready to help you.



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