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Apartment Tunisia


The sprawling 7 km long smooth sandy beach, sky blue shimmering sea is valued by tourists due to the many sportive beach activities.


The lighthouse-tower at the tip of the Cap Africa, the local industrial fishing harbour, the grand mosque date back to the 10th century, Fort "Bordj el Kebir", the commanding city gate "Skiffa el Khala" as well as the tranquill "Medina" (old town of Mahdia) demonstrate Mahdia‘s over centuries lasting development.


A stroll through the narrow alleys of the Medina is most rewarding. Relaxed loitering will enable you to observe the various workings at the handcraft work shops.


During the weekly, picturesque friday market, a "must see" appointment, you submerge into different fantastic world.

Hagling vendors at all corners, sewing-tailors and stitching ladies offer silk and traditional woman kostumes - Yes, tradition is still alive here.

....and completely close by "Cafe Sidi Salem" the pictorial impressive is for you to enjoy.


Mahdia does not live exclusively on the tourism. A small processing industry (olive oil, soap and canned fishes) provides for the inhabitants a good living. 

Mahdia owns an important fishing port. 



Closer excursion destinations:


El Jem


The third largest amphitheater of the world after the Colosseum of Rome and Capua. A must for a day trip of archeological value. In summer classical concerts take place here. 


Sousse and port el Kantaoui 


In Medina visitor can see buildings from the middel ages, the fortress, the Ribat, the big mosque, the Kashba. The archeology museum is extremly worth to seeing. Port el Kantaoui offers a nice yacht harbour and golf course.




The historical town is known for his medieval fortress, the imposing building of the town, the Bourguiba mausoleum. 




In the middle of the stone desert Matmata is a Berber‘s village with uniquecave apartments. Part of the famous movie "Star wars"  shot locations.


Chebika, Tamerza and Mides


Impressing mountain oasis with palm groves and rugged rockformations invite the visitor to various hikes in the sourroundings. 

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