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Apartment Tunisia

Travel information

Entry conditions-laws:

EU citiziens require for entry of up to 3 months only a valid passport - NO visa required.



All NOT Tunisian citizens need a revenue stamp (30 TND) to leaving the country.

You can buy it in almost all tobacco shop, libraries, financial office or then simply the airport upon departure.

Please bear in mind that at the airports are crowded in the middle of the summer...WAITING TIME



Tunisian DINAR (DT). Import and export of tunesian currency is prohibited. Moneychangers are located at airports open day & nigth. Foreign currencies may be brought into tunesia = no limitation.

A good tipp: declare what you bring into Tunisia when the total value rises above 3.000 DT.

At AMT-terminalsInternational & at Banks Creditcards =Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Eurocheck/Maestro-Card cash withdrawals can be made.


Local time:

Difference is 1 hour (No summertime)



Arabian and French



ISLAM 99% moslem


Health & Immunisation

No rules for arrivals from EU countries. Caution during consumption of uncooked foods also public water supplies (ice blocks in drinks - ice cream etc.). Medical services are provided - available - if possible do not consult a local-public hospital instead try the one of the Polyclinics Pharmacies are open also at night (depending on duty allomants,minor illnesses, aches and pains are threathed there on the spot).



Hot & dry summer, mild winter, high humidity, subtropical rain showers.


Travel on land:

Discovering Tunisia: By far the best, even tough expensive is  by car. At international vehicle rental organisations(airports,tourism zones, city centres) minimum age is 21 years, posession of an international drivers license, most times a credit card must be presented. Before starting the hire car CHECK FOR ANY VISIBLE DAMAGES (test the vehicle) =REGISTER ANY FAULTS WITH THE HIRE CAR RENTAL ORGANISATION!

"Trains are cheaper and still better than the older busses or a "neckbreaking" drive with the socalled overlanders COLLECTIVE-TAXIS - "LOUAGES"




Be aware - Please remember phoning out of Tunesia into EU and other countries can become very expensive.



Police: 197

Ambulnce/Emergency Doctor: 190

Fire brigade: 198



Its customery to tip 1 to 15% of the bill value (waiters depend on this kind of income).


In general terms:

Tunesia is an islamic, democrative country. It is recommended outside of tourismus centres, do NOT if at all possible display yourself wearing miniskirts, shorts, keep your belly covered. Tunesians are most tolerant, modern, but be advised to adhere to "certain" rules.


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